JAHNKOY // New $pirit Village

is a Russian x African Fashion Brand formed in 2020 by Marusya Vadimovna Kazakova and BURKINDY. The brand is working towards restoration of artisanal craftsmanship and revival of the global cultural heritage in the contemporary landscape. JAHNKOY Studio is based in the Restoration-Art Cultural Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC. The studio is functioning, as a creative customization space, presenting apparel, shoes, jewelry, as well as a collection of books, cameras and selected artworks.




JAHNKOY has started as an idea with Marusya Kazakova's Graduate Collection 

«Displaced» (2014-2016) at Parsons, MFA «Generation-5», emphasizing the necessity of Global Cultural Restoration and the Revival of Craftsmanship through the lens of Sportswear. JAHNKOY was designed as a Craftivist Art Practice and has been developing through a series of social-cultural fashion projects over the period of 4 years, 

JAHNKOY Projects were created, as a part of Kazakova’s residency at Restoration-Art Cultural Center and has been supported by PUMA and Swarovski.

    «DISPLACED: Crafting Revolution» (2016-2017) - the project was presented as a fashion performance at CFDA Emerging Designer Platform-1 at NYFWM. The collection then has traveled to South Africa and was shown at SAFWM in Cape Town. Art installation was presented in China, Beijing as a part of Wavelength Group Exhibition. Fashion Shows was held in Brazil, opening up Sao Paolo FWM and celebrating with the community show at the Dacri Deviati Center in Rio de Janeiro, following up with the crafting workshops. This collection has been selected as a finalist at the LVMH Prize and the artist was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 in «Art & Style». 

    «ME$$ENJAH: Work-in-Progress» (2017) - limited edition pieces were created and presented at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s department store, together with the window displays and the installation on the 3rd floor. The opening event was held with food and music. Following that the project was presented as a community event, exhibition and crafting workshop at Restoration-Art, Bedford-Stuyvesant Cultural Center.

    «DECEIVED: No More a.k.a. Born to Appropriate» (2018) - fashion performance was presented at CFDA Emerging Designer Platform-2 in NYFWM and then separate performance was held at the All-Russian Museum of Applied and Folk Arts in Moscow, along side the fashion exhibition featuring JAHNKOY projects and Kazakova’s earlier body of work. The show was a part of Russia World Cup and a special JAHNKOY x PUMA Football Kit were created for that purpose. JAHNKOY has been selected as a part of CFDA Elain’s Gold Launch Pad Program.

    «CRAFTING EVOLUTION:10 years of Fashion Study» (2019) - fashion exhibition was showcased at Fashion Institute of Technology following up with «ME$$ENJAH:01», Fashion Performance, that presented first Ready-to-Wear Collection of JAHNKOY. 

The show then was presented at Restoration-Art Cultural Center as a part of New Windows Festival. First RTW Collection was also presented at Tomorrow Showroom in Paris, opening JAHNKOY to the global market.

    PUMAxJAHNKOY limited edition Capsule Collection were created reflecting JAHNKOY’s artistic vision and celebrating cultural heritage, craftsmanship and sustainability. In this spirit, the collection’s footwear was made using responsibly sourced and recycled materials to reduce waste as well as organic cotton were used for the apparel.



MARUSYA VADIMOVNA KAZAKOVA - is a Siberian (Russia) born multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer, currently based in Bk, NYC. Following her mother’s footsteps in design she moved to Moscow to study Fashion in British Higher School of Art and Design, where she received a BFA in Womenswear. Later she moved to London and finished a Graduate Diploma Coarse in Menswear from Central Saint Martins. After that she received a MFA in «Fashion Design & Society» from Parsons the New School for Design on New York.


BURKINDY - is a Burkina Faso (West Africa) born artist, currently based in BK, NYC.

Coming from a long linage Fashion Design family background, he acquired professional career in the  NY fashion Industry,  Simultaneously he has mastered the craft of jewelry making which has resulted in his own brand BURKINDY.


JAHNKOY means New $pirit Village, it was intended as a global movement towards craftsmanship and cultural restoration. The purpose of JAHNKOY is to redefine and rebuild creative expression in self adornment and to restore the tremendous variety of skills and techniques that our ancestors used for the garment creation. JAHNKOY stands for the cultural unity of all nations and emphasizes craft as an ultimate tool towards the healing of mankind.