JAHNKOY // New $pirit Village

Is a Russian-African Fashion brand, formed in 2020 by Marusya Kazakova and Burkindy. JAHNKOY is focused on the restoration of artisanal craftsmanship and revival of the global cultural heritage in the contemporary landscape. The brand is based in the Restoration-Art Cultural Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYC.


 JAHNKOY as an idea has started with Marusya's Graduate Collection "Displaced" (2016) and has been developing through a series of art projects: "Displaced: Crafting Revolution"(2017), Deceived:No More" (2018) and "Me$$enJah" (2019). JAHNKOY Projects were created, as a part of residency at Restoration-Art and has been supported by PUMA and CFDA.

JAHNKOY means New $pirit Village, it stands for the cultural unity of all nations and emphasizes craft as an ultimate tool towards the healing of mankind.