Amulet Dolls



Tradition of doll making comes from ancient times and has been practiced thought the world by various cultures. This collection presents “Motanka” dolls - the Slavic amulets dolls spread throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

    Since ancient times, dolls were made for a various purposes, they took care of the person, family and household. protected from an unkind look, envy, damage. diseases, misfortunes, evil spirits, brought prosperity and abundance. The primary task of the Slavic folk doll is to attract what is desired for a specific person or family, they are called Amulets or Berginyas and are meant to accompany a person from the first days to the end of his life, they are made as companions-keepers of peace, health, prosperity, love. It is believed that the more dolls, the more happiness in the family.

    The “Motanka” doll is an energy-informational structure, and is usually made faceless. It is believed that a figurine with human features could have the soul, therefore mouth and especially eyes are not depicted. Traditionally Slavic dolls body were made using natural fibers, wood, paper, cotton and were covered with white or non-dyed cloth, however this should not be seen as a reflection of the human’s skin color, therefore any other color of the fabric can be used in its creation. Depending on the purpose of the amulet doll, the fillers can be different: grain, herbs, salt, ash. As a rule, those dolls are made without use of a needle or scissors. The doll are made in the good mood and with positive intentions to enhance the harmonious and affirmative energy of the doll-guard.

Made to Order: (these dolls are specially made for each individual, so the fabrics will vary and will be selected by the artist)