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Proposal for JAHNKOY Presentation at LINES Store:

Dates: 15 Feb (TBD)

Installation to include:

1) 1st Garment rack: - exclusive one of a kind pieces (1 of 1 each)

2) 2st Garment rack:- PUMA x JAHNKOY Collaboration collection - available in various sizes

3) 2 Mannequins - Male and Female 

4) Wall area with shelves and table, or pillars to place the Dolls, Candles, accessories ( to be discussed further) and to hang Artwork

5) Table and chair for the Artist talk/ workshop 

6) Chairs for the audience/ for the workshop space to work (to be discussed further)

Proposed workshops:

- Artist talk about the work (will need projection screen to show the presentation

 - Ritual of Dolls Making either as a performance or interactive workshop with participants (to be discussed, tickets)

Outline of Products

1. Exclusive One of a kind Pieces

2. Puma x JAHNKOY Athleisure (Can also add few more tshirts)

1. Exclusive One of a kind Pieces

3. Accessories

2. Puma x JAHNKOY Athleisure

4. Dolls

3. Accessories