* Photos  Courtesy of BABYHOUSE for MADE New York

‘Postfreedom’ was one of the many political catchwords featured in Jahnkoy Maria’s collection, which closed a show that saw a grand total of 116 looks come down the runway. Her collection, entitled “The Displaced” intends to communicate the message: “To change everything, we need everyone.” It seems like an appropriate manifesto in a time of increasing global turmoil, in a country where the presidential election is posing some serious questions, and yet where youth seem resiliently hopeful for the future. That attitude is precisely what we need to counter the current perils of the world we live in.

"Last but not least, the student who most embodied the MFA’s pursuit of worldly integration was Maria Kazakova. The Russian designer explained that she sees the world as one tribe, and it showed. Every bit of the multifaceted collection for her Jahnkoy label was festooned with beads, feathers, tassels, scraps of soccer uniform, and the occasional veil, culminating with a jumpsuit cobbled together out of national flags."


* Yulya Shadrinsky for Numéro