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Fashion Projects 

JAHNKOY's aesthetics and the purpose of collections she creates has been developing through her fashion education and personal cultural experience. JAHNKOY's work is directed towards Revival of Global Cultural Heritage in the contemporary landscape. View the fashion journey.

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JAHNKOY craftivist art practice fully embodies itself through the creation of Fashion Shows that are realized, as multifaceted artistic performances.

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JAHNKOY's fashion creations are rooted in the research and explorations, that the artist has been developing over the years of her studies in fashion design. JAHNKOY's work is a visual language through which she  communicates to the world.  reflects on current cultural realities, as well as search for her own identity.

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Artist firmly acknowledges the power of craft to connect and unite nations across the globe and ability of fashion to provide such a platform.

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              Collage, Painting & Graphic Works                                                       

JAHNKOY's visual expression through multidisciplinary approach, including graphic, collage, tape art and painting.

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Art of Self-Expression

From the roots of all nations

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Story telling through the prism of fashion visual language.

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Recording the JAHNKOY story, as it unfolds

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