The Displaced is a menswear collection that taps into the roots of cultures across the globe and emphasizes the multi-cultural environment we live in today. Standing at the threshold between ancient and contemporary fashion practices, it explores the creative possibilities of combining artisanal craft with modern design in order to achieve a better and more sustainable result. 

The Displaced was conceived as a variation on the theme of sportswear. Sport is one of the main vehicles of globalization. As such, it is found and worn everywhere, from the streets of America to the steppes of Siberia. Merging sports, street, and culture the collection is a suggestion on how traditional techniques can be successfully weaved into our everyday garments in order to bring back the values of craftsmanship and the longevity in fashion alongside cultural heritage. It proves that sportswear can advocate towards the preservation of craft and tradition while simultaneously remaining contemporary. The project pulls back the curtain on the accountability of the fashion system and shed lights on the environmental and cultural impact of fast fashion. It focuses on designing creative and attractive solutions to tackle the most complex challenges in the fashion system today, advocating for exceptional design and innovation, transparency, sustainability as well as human values.