UNITE //community show // Alt Space//sep 2015


UNITE // Fashun Tweek, Bushwick New York.

UNITE Show was an event created with the aim to support & celebrate African-American Community and to promote unity and strength.

The clothes were the creations of Marusya Vadimovna Kazakova made during her education in fashion schools across Moscow, London and New York. UNITE Show marked the beginning of JAHNKOY Journey in NYC.

Alt Space - Philip Gomez, Nasa Hadizadeth, 

Invitation Design - Devin Moris,

Soundtrack - Ja1da,

Drum performance - Village Drums of Freedom, 

Music Performance - Ishmael Levi,

Dance Performance - NUU K'nynez,

Photography - Alexander McMichael,


Videography - Swami,

Styling assistance - Dapper Africa,

Show organization assistance - Burkindy, Molika Amara Uzuri, Tracy-Ann Byfield, Judahfi Haitian Slice



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“Da unity among us must start now, cause how long do we have to suffer? We just learn dis things dat we must be united.”


FASHUN TWEEK! began yesterday at Alt Space in Bushwick and will feature one independent designer every evening until Friday. Alt Space is the official headquarters of music and culture blog/zine Alt Citizen and also functions as a gallery and concept store. Produced by Stylist/Art Director Philip Gomez and Editor-in-Chief of Alt Citizen Nasa Hadizadeh, FASHUN TWEEK! kicked off its first night with fashion designer

JAHNKOY. The event consisted of a beautiful evening outdoor fashion presentation along with music and dance performances. Inside the space the walls were lined with uplifting text urging humanity to unite, help, and love each other to convey the message Jahnkoy’s fashion seeks to represent.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

- revolutionary, uplifting, and opulent

What is your mission and intent?

I want to see one unconditional love spreading throughout the globe. Love, Unity, Freedom and Equality. I want to see more consciousness in our eyes.

How and where did it all begin?

It began not even in this reality, it began in previous lifetimes.

Posture Magazine | Winter Mendelson